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How You Can Use AI to Transform Your Internal Comms

In this 35-minute webinar, industry leaders Erwin van der Vlist (Speakap) and Endre Davids (Seamly) explore how AI is transforming businesses.

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About this webinar

What you'll learn

In this webinar recording, or after watching it, you'll gain valuable insights into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming businesses. Industry leaders Erwin van der Vlist (Speakap) and Endre Davids (Seamly) delve deep into the ways AI can revolutionize your organization by:

  • Streamlining workflows and boosting collaboration: Discover how AI can create a more efficient and connected workforce.
  • Empowering frontline employees with powerful tools: Learn how AI can equip your employees to work smarter and achieve better results.
  • Driving efficiency and improving customer experience: Explore how AI can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The recording also features a compelling case study showcasing how Basic-Fit successfully leveraged AI chatbots to transform their internal communication processes.

4 main takeaways:

  1. AI can bridge the information gap for frontline workers: Traditional communication methods often leave frontline workers struggling to access company information due to device limitations or irrelevant content. AI-powered solutions can personalize information delivery, making it readily available and directly addressing frontline needs. This can significantly improve productivity and decision-making at the frontline.
  2. AI streamlines communication and feedback collection:  AI can automate routine communication tasks like answering FAQs or translating languages. This frees up frontline managers' time and allows for more focused communication. Additionally, AI can simplify feedback collection, leading to valuable insights that can improve training, workflows, and overall employee experience.
  3. AI empowers frontline teams with knowledge at their fingertips:  By providing targeted and easily accessible information through AI chatbots or knowledge bases, frontline workers can become more self-sufficient and empowered. This can lead to improved problem-solving skills, faster issue resolution, and ultimately, a more satisfied customer base.
  4. Responsible AI implementation is key:  This includes ensuring data privacy by using secure, business-oriented AI tools and clear data governance policies. Additionally, training AI with high-quality data is crucial to guarantee accurate information delivery. Finally, AI should be viewed as a tool to enhance human interaction, not replace it.


EndreEndre Davids
CEO at Seamly

Erwin-1Erwin van der Vlist
Co-founder & Product Expert at Speakap


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