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Enhancing Productivity for Frontline Workers Starts with Simplicity in Communication

Feeling like you've tried everything to boost employee productivity, but the needle just won't move? The reason why might surprise you. Often, it's not a lack of training or motivation, but a communication breakdown that's silently hindering efficiency.In this 45 min webinar, Tobi Anderson & Daren Jennings reveal the surprising culprit behind frontline confusion & how you can tackle it.

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When frontline employees struggle to decipher jargon-filled messages or spend hours searching for essential information, productivity plummets & costs increase. The cost of ineffective communication in the workplace amounts to $2 trillion annually  in the US alone. That's over $15,000 per employee! 🤯

The solution? Easy does it. To enhance productivity of the frontline employees, you need to embrace simplicity in communication.  In this webinar we discuss:

  • Why simplicity in communication matters especially for the frontline employees
  • The intricate relationship between simplicity in comms and employee productivity
  • Strategies to ensure simplicity in communication
  • Real-world examples of how successful organizations are embracing simplicity in frontline communication



Tobi Anderson

Head of Customer Experience at Speakap


Daren Jennings

CCO at Speakap


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