Speakap Roadmap

Working on more features to make communicating easier.


Speakap is already complete but there are still some improvements and features to add. Interested? Read our roadmap to discover the features coming up.

We understand that it's important to you to keep everything in one place. We have some good news: file management is now available in Speakap. We are also working hard on extra options and improvements to make it even easier for you.

Click on 'files' in the left-hand menu to go to the list of files. You will then see a list of recently uploaded files, all the files on the network and any files in groups that you are a member of.

It is possible to add a user to a message or update by typing @firstname or @surname. You can choose a name from the list of names that appears.

The person you named in your update will then receive a notification. As a result, he or she can quickly participate in the discussion or reply to a question.

If you place a link to a website or video in Speakap, you will see the correct preview in Speakap and your fellow users will immediately be able to see what you want to share.

From now on it will be easy to see on the side of your timeline who in your network is online. We have three statuses available to show who is actively online in your network:

Online: the user has a tab with Speakap open in the foreground and is active, for instance by moving the mouse or using the keyboard

Inactive: the user has a tab open with Speakap but the tab is not in the foreground

Offline: the user does not have a Speakap tab open

It is possible to work together safely by limiting external users' access to the group or groups of which he or she is a member. As a result, the external user will not have access to business sensitive information that is shared with the entire network, but is able to communicate effectively with the right people in the organisation.

With the new Enterprise settings, a network administrator is able to easily create their own business units, departments and groups.

The Speakap iOS app has been given a major redesign. Not only the look and feel of the app has been updated, we've also added loads of new features and improvements under the hood.

Try it yourself and download the latest Speakap iOS App!

We've noticed there is a need for the ability to style and format news. This update makes it possible to edit your news items, just like you're used to from a text editor. The new editor will have the following options:

  • Option for headings (H1, H2, H3)

  • Bold texts

  • Italic texts

  • Underlined texts

  • Unordered lists

  • Ordered lists

  • Add links

  • Add images

A common feature request is to change updates and news items after they are posted. This update will make it possible for the users who have certain rights.

This update will add the option to filter and mark updates within the network timeline, improving the way content is retrieved. Another improvement will be the way shared images are shown. You will also be able to preview a full image without having to download it to your device.

This update makes it possible for the network administrator to manage all the groups within the network. It will also include adding widgets to group timelines. This way you're able to set widgets for each group or just disable them.

This update will change the design of the group page. Tabs for news and members will be added, and a new way of navigating between group pages will be introduced.

This update will improve usermanagement for network administrators. They will be able to controle the way members connect to their Speakap network, using only webbrowsers, mobile devices or both. They are also able to reset a user's password. This update also includes showing more user information, like:

  • Last online

  • Member since

  • Invited by

  • List of groups the user is a member of

  • List of business units and departments the user is a member of

In order to collaborate even more efficient, it's necessary to know the ins and outs of your colleagues. This update will add experiences such as jobs, projects, and courses to your user profile. You will also be able to add expertises to your profile. This makes it easier to find a suitable person for a particular task or question.

This update adds statistics for your Speakap network.