Onboaring and E-learning for your Speakap network

About Appical

Appical is an onboarding and employee experience platform that helps organizations create a more engaging onboarding process for new employees. It offers a range of mobile-first tools and resources for personalized welcome messages, gamification, progress tracking, ongoing employee engagement, learning and development, feedback and recognition, and surveys and assessments. It is easy to use and customizable for any organization looking to improve their employee experience.

Integration features

The integration between Appical and Speakap allows organizations to send targeted onboarding and training materials to employees directly through the Speakap platform. This includes information such as company culture, values, and policies, as well as training materials and progress tracking. The integration also allows employees to ask questions and get support from their colleagues and supervisors, which can help to improve engagement and reduce turnover.

The integration is designed to be easy to set up and use. Once the integration is set up, organizations can benefit from a more streamlined and effective onboarding and training process, as well as improved employee communication and engagement. Employees can access all of the information they need through a single platform, which can help to reduce confusion and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Overall, the integration between Appical and Speakap can help organizations to create a positive and engaging employee experience, which can ultimately lead to higher productivity, retention, and satisfaction.