Bridge the gap between project management and communication with Speakap's seamless integration with Rakoo, a leading collaborative project management platform

About Rakoo

Rakoo is a cloud-based collaborative project management platform designed to help businesses simplify project planning, execution, and team collaboration. It offers a comprehensive suite of features for streamlining various aspects of the project lifecycle.

Integration features

  • Deliver relevant information into the palm of your employees hands with Speakap’s
    branded communication platform. Increase growth & skills of your workforce with
  • Rakoo's learning platform, seamlessly integrated with Speakap. Get the essence of your organization in the heart of your new employees. Make personal development & learning accessible & effective with Rakoo's learning platform.
  • With your own academy from Rakoo you can easily create learning content, manage the entire learning & training process of the workforce and make skills & growth realtime visible.