Foster a fun and engaging work environment with Speakap's integration with TinQwise (Qollab), a platform for personalized learning and team collaboration.

About TinQwise

TinQwise, also known as Qollab, offers a unique approach to employee training and development. They specialize in creating purposeful, playful, and personalized learning programs tailored to each organization's specific needs. Qollab emphasizes engagement and leverages potentially game-based elements to keep employees motivated throughout the learning process.

Integration features

  • Keep your people fully up to speed and your company flexible.
  • Launch your very own online academy with Qollab.
  • Qollab LXP coaches, supports and inspires your people to keep growing.
  • TinQwise is there for you with excellent didactics, setting up the learning journeys, setting up the skill trees and creating engaging content.
  • For your culture and brand.
  • Use Tinqwise to improve pre-boarding, on-boarding, and employee development related training.
  • One portal for learning and communication.
  • For a stronger brand experience & employer branding.
  • Push Notifications for Important News and Events.
  • One way to manage your users.