WISAG believes in solid teams. The company employs people from all kinds of backgrounds and with a wide range of qualifications and experience. Employees are dispersed across various business units and locations.

The Challenge:

80% of employees are non-desk. How do you reach them?

That diversity has always been part of WISAG's success, ensuring that the right specialists are always close to the client. However, it also presents challenges regarding communication and knowledge sharing. Only about 20% of WISAG employees work behind desks and can stay up-to-date or interact through the company intranet or email.

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The only company-wide medium capable of reaching all employees was the in-house magazine mailed directly. There was no other communication channel in place to offer the opportunity for direct and inter-divisional exchange among colleagues. The magazine's production was time-consuming, and all content should be planned well ahead of schedule.

"Many of our employees are on the move. At best, they visit the branch once a day and spend the rest of the time on the go and in direct contact with clients. These employees are the cornerstone of our success as a service provider. But, at the same time, they are the most difficult group to reach. Nearly all of them have one thing in common though: a smartphone. With MyWISAG, we can finally reach these colleagues and create an emotional bond with WISAG."


The solution:

A safe space for real-time employee communication

In September 2018, WISAG launched the employee app MyWISAG, ensuring that all employees throughout Germany can be kept up-to-date at all times.

MyWISAG offers private chat, group chat, likes, comments, and an events planning tool. It connects all WISAG employees – whether they're working at a desk, with a client, or even out on the airport apron. It provides a dedicated internal social network. It's easy, intuitive, and user-friendly.

High on the list of requirements for WISAG was finding a secure platform that is compliant with European privacy legislation and is intended to replace all Whatsapp business communication. And that's what Speakap does.

By mirroring the organizational structure of WISAG, Speakap enabled an exact and targeted distribution of content to the various locations, departments, teams, and groups. Users receive content relevant to them, their roles, and their interests.

The results:

  • WISAG can now reach and engage all desk and non-desk employees with targeted content
  • User activity has been extremely high
  • User experience has massively improved through the seamless integration with existing employee software