With seasonal workers increasing in demand, Q&D Construction set out a strategy to position themselves as employers of choice. They saw the difficulty of reaching seasonal workers who are generally more dispersed and disconnected from the company values and goals, and acknowledged that using email was not the answer.

The Challenge:

How can we reach construction workers, specifically seasonal workers?

Q&D Construction, like many other construction companies, was struggling to reach each and every construction worker due to a geographically dispersed field workforce. Seasonal workers, in particular, needed to be engaged more quickly and efficiently – making their short work experience attractive enough that they’d come back the next term. Q&D Construction were also looking to stand out from their competitors when attracting seasonal workers, and wanted to build loyalty and connections with employees.

The Solution:

Introducing a communication channel that reaches construction workers

Speakap created the white-label employee app tailored to Q&D Construction’s colors and logos while the staff voted and selected ‘LINQD’ as the name of the app. With the employee app, Q&D Construction has moved from emailing everything to creating an efficient two-way communication. This transparency in communication builds trust as construction workers, particularly those who are seasonal, see how the company reacts to situations. It reaches everyone and creates a common goal.Q&D-wl-app

The Results:

An employee app that helps retain seasonal workers

Q&D Construction replaced their newsletter with an employee app to improve communication with their geographically dispersed workforce, including those who cannot be reached via email.

When you have the ability to reach every single worker you not only strengthen the bond they feel with the company, but you invite them to be part of the big picture. The employee app has created the transparency to see beyond their individual job while giving them a voice in the conversation.

Lance Semenko, President of Q&D Construction

Key results show that the employee adoption rate of the app is 82%, with 90% of registered employees being active daily and all of them active monthly. The app's monthly activities include 12 important news items, 50 updates, 120 comments, and more than 1,000 likes, resulting in an interaction rate of approximately 30%.

As a result, Q&D Construction has created a bond with construction workers, many of which are seasonal. The employee app has proven to be an effective tool in enhancing communication and engagement with Q&D Construction's workforce.Request demo CTA - EN