HR, Payroll and talent management for Speakap

About UKG Pro

UKG Pro is a human capital management (HCM) software solution that helps organizations manage their HR, payroll, and talent management processes. The platform provides a range of tools and resources that can help organizations to streamline their HR processes, improve compliance, and enhance employee engagement.

Overall, UKG Pro can help organizations to improve their HR processes, increase compliance, and enhance employee engagement. The platform is easy to use and customizable, making it a valuable tool for any organization looking to improve their HR management and talent development programs.ukg-pro-learning-my-badges

Integration features

This integration allows organizations to seamlessly connect their HR processes and employee data with their internal communication and engagement platform. With the integration, organizations can automatically sync employee data from UKG Pro to Speakap, making it easy to keep employee information up-to-date and ensure that employees are receiving relevant and timely communications. Additionally, the integration can help organizations to improve employee engagement by providing a more personalized and targeted communication experience.