Unify your HR processes and communication with Speakap's seamless integration with HiBob, a user-friendly HR platform for modern businesses

About HiBob

HiBob is a cloud-based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) designed to simplify and centralize various HR tasks for businesses of all sizes.

Integration features

  • Ensure consistent and up-to-date employee information across both platforms, eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing errors.
  • Leverage employee data from HiBob to send targeted announcements, reminders, or updates regarding HR processes directly within Speakap.
  • Streamline the onboarding process for new hires by potentially pre-populating Speakap profiles with information from HiBob (depending on specific functionalities).
  • Foster a more connected and engaged workforce by enabling discussions, feedback sharing, and recognition celebrations within Speakap.
  • Provide employees with easy access to relevant HR information and updates from HiBob within Speakap, promoting transparency and reducing confusion.
  • Eliminate the need to switch between platforms for communication and HR tasks. This integration allows for a more centralized and efficient workflow.