Bridge the gap between scheduling and communication with Speakap's seamless integration with StoreForce, a leading workforce management platform

About StoreForce

StoreForce is a cloud-based workforce management platform designed to help businesses in retail, hospitality, and other service industries optimize their employee scheduling, timekeeping, and communication processes. 

Integration features

Users can view their past, present and future Storeforce work schedules without having to leave the branded Speakap application. They can Offer Shifts or Exchange Shifts with the colleagues they are allowed to do this with, all within Speakap and based on the Storeforce permissions.

  • Seamless Integration between Speakap and Storeforce
  • Schedule Viewing, Shift Offer and Shift Exchange
  • Always Relevant Top-Down Information Sharing
  • Company branded apps for Comms and Schedules
  • Push Notifications for Important News and Events