Internal Comms Strategy 1/4: Top-Down Communication

In the first phase of an internal communication strategy, we explore: top-down communication.

Internal communicators who use a top-down communication style keep employees informed, build trust with leadership, and increase transparency. And with the right internal communication plan, you can ensure employees at every level feel like insiders, using messages from key leaders to build trust and in turn form connections.

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What to Include in Your Top-Down Communication

A clear communication strategy that considers the channels through which your teams receive your messages is essential. Posting on a comprehensive platform, such as an employee app, ensures everyone stays informed.

There should be variety and value for the employee in push communications. Let's take a look at four methods to reach your frontline workers.

Share Business Performance Information

Top-down communication plays a crucial role in sharing business performance information with employees. By utilizing channels such as the employee app, organizations can provide regular updates on key performance indicators (KPIs), goals, and make relevant files accessible. With this transparent and timely flow of information, you can ensure that employees understand the organization's progress and their role in achieving company objectives, fostering a sense of alignment and motivation.

Create Employee-Focused Content

In terms of employee-focused content, top-down communication aims to make work-related information easily accessible. By sharing details about employee benefits, policies, profiles, perks, files, shifts, schedules, and productivity tools, organizations enable employees to navigate their work environment more efficiently. This type of communication demonstrates the organization's commitment to supporting employees and enhancing their experience, ultimately leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.content-strategy-template

Engage Employees With Culture Content

Culture content, communicated through top-down channels, plays a pivotal role in nurturing a strong company culture. By sharing updates about company events, videos showcasing the mission and goals, celebrating team members' successes, and acknowledging birthdays and milestones, organizations reinforce their values and create a sense of community. This increases employee engagement, loyalty, and a shared sense of purpose, leading to a positive work environment where employees feel connected and motivated to contribute their best.

Why Top-Down Communication

Employees want to know they're valued, and a simple compliment may not be enough. A public reward and recognition system can lead to sustainable retention.
However, effective communication channels are essential to ensure that recognition reaches the entire workforce or specific segments. And improving internal communication is a key driver in your employee retention strategy. Where to start? Create a top-down communication strategy, which can later develop into a two-way communication with your workforce.

“The fact is that businesses that make the effort to put their employees first, end up reaping the benefits in terms of increased employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.”

Patrick van der Mijl, CEO and Co-founder of Speakap