You got 99 problems but a Speakap post ain't one...

There's an important and very complex mathematical equation we'd like you to know: Sharing = Caring. Incredible, isn't it! But we can take it a step further even. Sharing + Your employees = Success.

It's that simple. Letting your non-desk employees know what is happening within your organisation increases their involvement and leads to a better customer experience which, in turn, increases the company's returns.

When deploying an enterprise social network - the best way to reach and engage your mobile workforce - it's important that you initially send updates regularly to increase adoption and usage but writer's block can strike at any moment. Feat not - we've got you covered with a whole bunch of ideas for posts you can share via your ESN. interne-sociale-media-speakap

Print out this list, keep it on your office wall, and cross the ideas off one by one.

  1. Changes to opening hours
  2. Special shopping nights
  3. New work roster available
  4. Changs to the existing roster
  5. Introducing a new colleague
  6. A welcome note to a new colleague
  7. Highlighting changes to HR processes
  8. Colleague out sick
  9. Looking for new employees
  10. Reminder when breaks can be taken
  11. Opening a new branch
  12. Upcoming store renovations
  13. Upcoming team reorganisation
  14. New staff uniforms
  15. Reminder of uniform regulations
  16. Washing instructions for company uniforms
  17. News from head office
  18. Hygiene rules
  19. How to deal with pressure in the work place
  20. Dealing with complaints 
  21. Dealing with sexual harassment
  22. Dealing with aggressive behaviour
  23. Dealing with emergency situations
  24. Where employees can park
  25. Points to be aware of in the workplace
  26. Which behaviours warrant warnings being issued
  27. Property access code updates
  28. The process for closing a property
  29. Rules for mobile phone use in the workplace (except Speakap, of course!)
  30. Special promotions around products and services

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