Boost employee engagement and appreciation with Speakap's seamless integration with YourCampus, a leading employee benefits and rewards platform

About YourCampus

YourCampus is a leading employee benefits and rewards platform designed to offer a flexible and personalized approach to employee compensation. It provides a central hub for employees to access and manage their benefits package.

Integration features

  •  Facilitate two-way communication around employee benefits and rewards programs. Share announcements, updates, or answer questions directly within Speakap.
  • Leverage Speakap for public or private recognition messages, shout-outs, or celebrating employee milestones. This can amplify the impact of recognition programs offered by YourCampus.
  • Provide employees with real-time access to their benefits information and reward program details within Speakap, fostering transparency and clarity.
  • Reduce the need for email overload or internal ticketing systems for benefit-related inquiries. Allow employees to ask questions and receive answers directly within Speakap.
  • Foster a more connected and engaged work environment by facilitating discussions and building a sense of community around benefits and recognition programs within Speakap.