Show Speakap messages on UPShow tv screens

About UPShow

UPShow is a digital signage platform designed for businesses to engage with their customers through personalized content and interactive experiences. The platform allows businesses to display engaging content on their TV screens, such as live social media feeds, trivia, polls, and promotions.

UPShow provides a variety of features that enable businesses to customize and control their content, including:

  • A content management system (CMS) that allows businesses to create and schedule their content.
  • A social media integration that displays live social media feeds on the screen.
  • A gamification feature that allows businesses to run interactive games and contests.
  • A promotional feature that enables businesses to display advertisements and promotions.

UPShow's platform is designed for a variety of industries, including restaurants, bars, gyms, hotels, and retail stores. The platform aims to enhance the customer experience by providing engaging content that encourages customer loyalty and increased sales.

UPShow also provides analytics and reporting features, allowing businesses to track their performance and ROI. The platform integrates with various third-party software solutions, including POS systems and customer loyalty programs, to enhance its capabilities and provide a more comprehensive customer experience.

Integration Features

Deliver relevant information into the palm of your employees hands with Speakap’s branded communication platform. Maximize awareness and visibility with digital signage solutions of UPshow that seamlessly integrate with Speakap.

  • Seamless Integration between Speakap and UPshow
  • Always Relevant Information Sharing, online and offline
  • Content visibility in app and tv screens
  • Easily add enriched content to your tv screening
  • Push Notifications for Important News and Events