Get to Know the Frontline Employee Future of Work

This is Noah. Watch his story to hear the future of work for every frontline employee.

He can’t check company news until he arrives to work, ​where he physically clocks in with a timestamp. He then joins the team briefing that he has trouble listening to all the way in the back…

That’s no way to start a work day.

With the new employee app (Speakap), he can now clock in, and receive company news and updates, all in one app.

Noah feels more connected, engaged, and productive.
That’s the Speakap way.

About Speakap:

Speakap is a digital workplace built to connect your frontline workforce. You can easily enhance your employees' experience and optimize daily operations with your own branded app. We have helped more than 600 companies companies such as IKEA, Nike, and Bosch to grow their business with the best employee experience.