Zebra Technology

Bridge the gap between communication and core business functions with Speakap's seamless integration with Zebra Technologies, a leader in marking, tracking, and computing solutions

About Zebra Technology

Zebra Technologies is an American company specializing in technology used to sense, analyze, and act in real-time. They offer a wide range of hardware and software solutions for various industries.

Integration features

  • Integrate real-time updates and notifications from Zebra hardware and software directly within Speakap. Share alerts, inventory updates, or task completions with relevant teams, streamlining communication and response times.
  • Foster collaboration between teams by enabling discussions and information sharing within Speakap regarding specific tasks, asset locations, or inventory management needs.
  • Streamline workflows by leveraging Speakap for real-time communication and collaboration based on data collected through Zebra technologies.
  • Provide employees and managers with real-time insights from Zebra data within Speakap, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Facilitate clear communication and information sharing around tasks and processes, potentially reducing errors related to labeling, tracking, or asset management.