Enhance communication and collaboration for your IT service desk with Speakap's seamless integration with Jira Service Desk (3.6.2), a leading IT ticketing system

About Jira

Jira Service Desk (version 3.6.2) is a popular IT service desk solution designed to streamline IT support workflows.

Integration features

  • Facilitate two-way communication between IT support agents and users directly within Speakap. This can improve response times and resolution times for tickets.
  • Enhance the customer service experience by providing users with a familiar platform (Speakap) for communication and updates on their support requests.
  • Allow IT support agents to collaborate internally within Speakap regarding complex issues or to share knowledge with colleagues.
  • Provide users with real-time visibility into the status of their tickets and any updates from IT support within Speakap.
  • Facilitate faster communication and collaboration, potentially leading to quicker resolution of support requests.