Enhance communication and gather valuable feedback with Speakap's seamless integration with Formstack, a leading online form builder and data collection platform

About Formstack

Formstack empowers businesses to collect data and automate workflows with its online form builder. Create custom forms for various purposes, like employee onboarding or incident reporting.

Integration features

  • Facilitate communication around forms and data collection efforts. Share announcements, reminders, or updates regarding specific forms directly within Speakap.
  • Encourage employee feedback or suggestions on existing forms or data collection processes through discussions within Speakap.
  • Integrate form submission notifications with Speakap, allowing for real-time awareness and potential discussions around collected data.Use Speakap to answer questions, clarify form elements, or provide additional context to users filling out forms, potentially improving completion rates.
  • Share relevant data insights or reports generated from Formstack within Speakap, fostering transparency and data-driven decision-making.