How Employee Apps Boost Workplace Inclusion

Frontline workers can make or break a company as they are the faces your customers see and engage with. As the drive for customer-centricity intensifies, organizations will need to hire people with diverse characteristics and credentials to connect with their customers.

The modern workforce needs to be diverse, with various ages, religions, backgrounds, and qualifications. The challenge then becomes having a culture where all employee types feel included.workplace-inclusion

Why Workplace Inclusion Matters

Promoting and enhancing inclusivity amongst employees will enable organizations to cultivate a culture where everyone feels recognized, valued, and appreciated. Frontline workers are crucial to business success, and they need to feel that they are being heard.

Even though organizations focus more on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion for their workforce, they still need to work on keeping their frontline workforce connected and engaged. This is easier said than done as research done in 2022 found that 22% of employees often feel unhappy at work.

Creating a feeling of workplace inclusion matters because a workforce, especially a frontline workforce, that feels engaged and encouraged creates greater customer experiences and nurtures customer trust, loyalty, and, ultimately, higher profits. A key component to empowering your frontline workforce is a consistent communication flow across all company areas.

Implementing an employee app as part of your communication strategy is a surefire and economical way to drive workplace inclusion and promote workplace diversity. Using a  mobile-first employee app is especially effective for reaching frontline workers.Request demo CTA - EN

Ways Employee Apps Promote Workplace Inclusion Among Frontline Workers

Effective communication between employees and managers is the fuel that keeps companies running. Here are some features and benefits of employee apps that drive workplace inclusion.

Easy access and relatable content

Employee apps offer employees communication via their preferred channels, like mobile phones, to drive better employee agility and engagement. Getting an app is easy for everyone and downloadable from app stores.

Your employee app will automatically mimic your organization's hierarchy and allow content personalization per employee based on their role, team, and location. It offers a timeline, polls, events, news, private messages, file attachment, and personal profiles that are easy to understand and accessible by everyone, even without a PC.

With modern employee apps, you can attach videos to personalize updates or provide clarity and be an employee app that you and your staff enjoy.

Employee apps integrate with existing systems and can use the organization's branding. Employees should be able to connect to all their tools with one single sign-on, no matter where they are.

Effective task management

An employee app assists in getting work done with the employee task management functionality. All employees can create tasks and see those assigned to them. Employee task management functionalities ensure that teams know what to do, why it matters, and how to do it. Use employee task management to share goals, key resources and ask for feedback from the frontline.

Add collaborators, set deadlines, attach documents and images, track accomplishments, share tasks with team members, and see completion stats to manage workloads and stay on track.

Managers can filter on pending and completed, get notified of progress, and enable feedback loops on outstanding tasks to step in and provide support when their employees need it.

Insightful workforce analytics

An employee app can measure the impact of work and provide an overview of what is happening.

With an employee app, it is easy to see workforce analytics related to adoption, engagement, and content performance across your company. 

Easy-to-understand answers are available instantly through simple dashboards that show trends and improvement opportunities to make each message better than the last.

Use workforce analytics to know the most popular login times and the best-performing content on your platform to create a data-driven content calendar that improves with each piece of content. 

Analytics also indicate which locations, departments, and teams are engaged and which are absent from directing focused action.

Personalized online employee learning

Your employee app delivers e-learning tools to keep frontline workers informed and up-to-date with digital onboarding and training. They can access this training when and where it suits them in a manner they enjoy.



An employee app enables companies to create a well-connected workforce and empower frontline workers with the necessary automatic training, staff levels, and actionable insights to maintain a safe, smart, and efficient work environment.