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How to Boost Employee Wellbeing Through Internal Comms

February 15, 2024

13:00 CT / 14:00 ET

What you can expect:

image-png-Oct-24-2023-01-42-34-5497-PM   Impact of internal comms on well-being

image-png-Oct-24-2023-01-42-34-5497-PM   Real life example: Kalahari Resorts

image-png-Oct-24-2023-01-42-34-5497-PM   Best practices going forward


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Employees who experience high levels of well-being in the workplace are 3x more likely to stay with their employer and 3x more likely to recommend their employer to others.

However, a global report from Gallup shows that only 33% are truly “thriving” when it comes to their well being and only 25% of U.S. employees strongly agree that their organization cares about their overall wellbeing. How can we bridge this gap?

Join us on February 15th at 13.00 CT / 14:00 Eastern Time (ET), where Kara Ruchti,  Director of Corporate Culture and Retention at Kalahari Resort, together with Daren Jennings, CCO at Speakap, will discuss how to boost employee wellbeing and wellness through internal communication.

In this webinar, they will also touch upon the development of the Be Well initiative at Kalahari Resorts, and the various successes it has led to. Ending on a high note and providing you with strategies and best practices to boost employee wellbeing at your organization.

We’ll dive into:

  • Employee well-being: what is it & why does it matter more than ever
  • The role of internal communications when it comes to ensuring employee well-being
  • Why Kalahari Resorts chose to make associate well-being a priority
  • How did Kalahari Resorts boost employee well-being through internal communication
  • Best practices going forward


Kara Ruchti

Kara Ruchti
Director of Corporate Culture and Retention at Kalahari Resorts

daren-1Daren Jennings
CCO & Managing Director at Speakap

Interested in the webinar, but can't make it that day? By registering for the webinar you will receive the recording afterwards to watch later.