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Buscamos continuamente nuevas formas de comunicación y no estamos solos en nuestra búsqueda. Desde nuestras oficinas en Amsterdam, trabajamos para mejorar Speakap cada día. Nos gusta rodearnos de lo mejor que el campo puede ofrecernos y siempre aceptamos un buen desafío.

¿Está listo para conquistar el mundo? ¿Está listo para un mundo sin sobrecarga de email, pérdida de documentos e información imposible de encontrar? Ayuda a Speakap a crear un mundo sin caos.

Nuestros vacantes

Customer Service Agent

Speakap is op zoek naar een fulltime (40 uur per week) customer service agent die ons team komt versterken!

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Customer Success Manager

As a member of Marketing & Sales you advise and guide a wide variety of customers. They need your help to structure and manage company wide Speakap deployments, be up to date about our deployment methodology and to develop appropriate change management strategies that maximizes adoption, self sufficiency and business value.

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Medior/Senior Linux System Engineer

Speakap is looking for a medior or senior System Engineer to join the team. As a system engineer at Speakap, you are responsible for expanding and maintaining our infrastructure. You work closely with the development team and actively participate in discussions about the architecture. Our systems run in a private cloud environment on Debian linux and are managed with Puppet. Our stack includes, but isn’t limited to NGINX, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, PHP 7 and Node.js.

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Senior Backend Developer

Speakap is looking for an experienced Senior Backend Developer to join the team.

As a member of the backend team, your primary focus will be the development of the API. Forming the core of the Speakap platform, this is the webservice that all clients, including the web frontend, our mobile apps, and third party applications talk to.

In close collaboration with the rest of the team, you’ll be working on new features and improving existing functionality.

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Senior Android Developer

Speakap is looking for an experienced Android developer to join the team.

Your primary focus will be the development of the Speakap Android application, collaborating closely with the frontend-, backend- and mobile developers as well as the UI/UX designer who will provide specifications for the app. You will be reviewing your teammates’ code and giving your input on architectural design and implementation. Your duties include building new features as well as improving the stability and performance of existing ones.

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