In order to properly fulfil the Agreement concluded with you Speakap is required to process your personal data. This Privacy Statement has been compiled to inform you of the purposes for which your data are processed and the methods used by Speakap to do so. Speakap therefore recommends that you read this Privacy Statement carefully. The words printed in capitals in this Privacy Statement are defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

1. Speakap

Speakap has been offering innovative solutions for collaboration and the exchange of knowledge for five years now. Persons log in to our secure environments and can enter into contact with one another and retrieve specific information.

Speakap’s corporate data:

Visiting address: Pedro de Medinalaan 5, 1086 XK, Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)20 820 42 96
E-mail address:
Chamber of Commerce no.: 51753847
VAT number: NL850155770B01S

2. Which information about you is collected and processed?

Contractual information
The Services offered by Speakap can be ordered via the Website. In order to provide these Services, Speakap requests that you provide specific information (e.g. your name and e-mail address). If you order a paid Service you are also requested to provide financial information.

Automatically generated information
In order to provide the Service to the best of its abilities, Speakap needs specific information, for which reason it collects automatically generated information about the use of some of the Services it offers. This information comprises your IP address (the number of your computer, which enables it to be identified), browser type, the operating system you use and ‘cookies’.

3. What are cookies and how are they used by Speakap?

If you use the Service, cookies can be installed on your computer; those cookies can be accessed by Speakap. Cookies are little bits of information (in text format) sent by a server to a browser. The idea behind this is that the browser then sends this information back to the server upon the next visit. The cookies installed by Speakap cannot harm the files on your computer.

When you use the Service only the cookies provided by Speakap will be installed. These cookies are made for and by Speakap and are saved to your computer by Speakap. Only Speakap will have access to these cookies. These are called ‘first-party cookies’. Besides your IP address, the information stored on these cookies does not contain your name, address data or any other personal data.

Speakap also makes use of ‘third-party cookies’. These cookies belong to third parties and are saved to your computer by third parties, which also have access to those cookies. It is important to know that Speakap has no control over and/or knowledge of the content and operation of these third-party cookies. Speakap cannot be held liable for these cookies

You can adjust your browser settings in such a way as to prevent cookies being installed on your computer the next time you make use of the Service. In this case, you may nevertheless not be able to make use of or access the Service (or parts of it). To learn more about these functions we recommend following the instructions provided by your browser or consult your browser’s help function.

4. For what purposes does Speakap use your personal data?

Speakap is authorised to use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • to enable you to use of the Service;
  • to process payments;
  • to send you information about similar services offered by Speakap;
  • to compile statistical data that has been rendered anonymous;
  • to heighten the security of Speakap, to modify it and make improvements to it;
  • to provide third parties with information about you and/or grant third parties access to information about you if this is necessary for the execution of the Service and if you have given your consent and/or if this is prescribed by legislation and/or regulations;
  • to enable third parties to send you offers directly or on their behalf (but only if you have granted permission for this).

The primary reason for Speakap to use your personal data is to provide you with the Service. Speakap also wishes to keep you informed of all new developments with regard to the Service (e.g. expansions or updates) and to inform you of its present and future special offers and other similar services offered by Speakap.

You can unsubscribe to e-mail notifications sent to you by Speakap within the context of the Service by adjusting the [settings] that apply to the Service. Speakap wishes, however, to point out that you cannot unsubscribe from e-mail notifications that are necessary for the execution of the Service. You can unsubscribe from e-mail notifications about similar services and products offered by Speakap at []. Additionally, each e-mail we send contains a link that enables you to unsubscribe.

Speakap uses automatically generated data for statistical purposes and additionally for the purposes of security and improvement. These data can be provided to third parties insofar as they have been rendered completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to you (no personal data).

Use by third parties
Speakap will not disclose your personal data to third parties for direct marketing purposes (e.g. to send you special offers) without your explicit prior consent. Speakap can, however, provide third parties with your data if this is necessary for the execution of the Service.

Speakap can disclose your personal data to third parties if you have granted Speakap prior permission to do so and/or insofar as these data cannot be traced back to you (e.g. in the case of automatically generated information). In conclusion, Speakap can disclose your personal data to third parties if required to do so by legislation and/or regulations, to comply with a court order and/or if Speakap deems this necessary for the protection of its own rights.

5. How does Speakap protect its Customers’ personal data?

Speakap will take suitable technical and organisational measures to protect your personal and other data from loss or any form of unlawful processing. More information about this can be found on

6. Viewing and correcting your data

You can view and amend your personal and other data through the Service whenever you wish. If you wish to know which data has been recorded about you by Speakap or wish to amend data that you cannot change in your Account, please contact us on +31 (0)20 820 42 96.

7. Can this Privacy Statement be amended?

This Privacy Statement can be amended. Any amendments to this statement will be announced via the Service.

8. Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to if you have any questions about this Privacy Statement.