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Stronger together


Stronger together. For better and for worse.


When Peter got infected with COVID-19, his health quickly went south! An artificial coma of 3 weeks was necessary to improve his situation. This had a massive impact on family, friends, and colleagues.


His wife Sofie didn't let go. She started a virtual diary to keep the 75 colleagues at Timmerman EHS up to date about his situation. She used Speakap, Timmerman’s internal communications platform. During the next weeks and months, together with his, colleagues, they posted numerous support messages, photos, videos, jokes, and drawings.

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The whole company showed support in this difficult time. This emotional connection had a big impact on Peter and Sofie. When Peter left the hospital and started his rehabilitation program, his colleagues stayed in touch and kept supporting him. That made him look forward  to the day he could go back to work!


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