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About Claror

Industry: Leisure and Fitness clubs
Location: Catalonia, Spain
Number of employees: 1,000




The challenge


Grupo Claror has around a thousand employees throughout Catalonia. Ranging from front of house to fitness instructors, class teachers, lifeguards, and massage therapists, approximately 80% of Claror's workforce is non-desk and decentralized, with several even working across multiple venues.

Claror's mission statement includes the line "contributing, through leisure and sports, to improving the quality of life of people, both customers and employees." However, with only upper management having access to company devices, the organization was struggling to deliver that brand promise to its disconnected employees and managers felt like they weren't providing the best experience to their workforce.

The communications team had tried using email and newsletters, but these methods failed to reach all employees, most of whom have no access to company email or their access is limited to certain hours. Claror wanted to introduce a new tool for reaching and communicating with all employees – whether they were on reception, on the sports fields, in the swimming pools or running kids activities. Therefore, a mobile solution was essential.





The solution


After looking at several options, Claror's internal communications manager identified Speakap as the best solution to address their organizational needs. This decision was based in large on Speakap's ability to match and dissect the corporate hierarchy, both vertically (i.e., to group all massage therapists in all locations) and horizontally (i.e., to group all employees in a specific location). This  means that Claror can send messages to particular groups without spamming other groups, and feedback and comments are also specific to the relevant groups, keeping engagement high

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The results


Department managers also perceive Speakap as being very useful for coordinating shifts. By receiving campaigns, offers and promotions through Speakap, employees feel better equipped
to deliver the best and latest information, not to mention their enthusiasm and passion for health and well-being, to their customers.



  • 6 log-ins per employee per day on average
  • 75% of the total workforce are active users



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