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Billies Bakery


About Billy’s Bakery

Industry: Food & Beverage
Location: Multiple locations throughout New York


Billy’s Bakery is an iconic neighborhood bakery chain providing baked goods, such as their famous Ice Box Cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes. Started by two friends in 2003 with the idea of bringing back the feeling of a 1940s era shop, making fresh items daily from scratch and providing the feeling of genuine hospitality. 



The challenge


Billy’s embodies a sense of customer service and connection with the community. A consistent in-store experience is crucial for the brand and Billy’s needed to align all employees across back of house, front of house, and management, as well as across all stores on new policies and product updates. It quickly became apparent that with threads of emails and text messages information was getting lost or interconnected with other communication on private devices. A company newsletter was a one-way channel of communication, and did not create an opportunity to share feedback, and didn’t seem to have fixed this challenge.

There was another burning need. Managers found themselves constantly repeating the same tasks, way beyond onboarding. If shift coverage was needed, employees typically reached out to management to get contact information for employees in other locations. The time spent on these kinds of tasks kept adding up and streamlining this process was an urgent need for the team.



The solution


Billy’s Bakery was looking for a solution that allows employees to access the most relevant product and company information instantly. By mirroring Billy’s organizational chart, employees access information right away and it’s specific and relevant to their function, department, and store location. Employees can now also comment on news and updates, making it a two-way-communication channel that’s more interactive and engaging, as it resembles the most popular social media platforms. Lastly, rather than having to reach out to management to find shift coverage, employees can speak to each other directly through Speakap.


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The results


Billy’s saw an immediate improvement as their internal communication became streamlined with Speakap:


  • 31% increase in communication between in-store employees and management
  • Faster easier, quicker and more effective onboarding of employees across departments and stores
  • 21% increase in the spread of company news, and stronger connection with the brand's purpose and values
  • Boosted customer satisfaction and sales with employee-shared learnings and insights that improve the customer experience and deliver more sales for the business
  • 15% decrease in employee turnover and absenteeism

Speakap allows Billy’s to focus on their employees, their customers, and their product and aesthetic, along with a positive energy they bring to the local community.


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