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Gain Control of Published Content

Share updates with specific employees and groups, learn who has read your message, and send notifications for high priority content.

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Your employees will never miss another update

  • Deliver clear messages that provide reassurance and leadership visibility.
  • Share important news with push notifications on a company, location, department, and group level.

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Learn who has read your message

  • Monitor read acknowledgment and get an overview of how your content is performing across individuals and groups.
  • Gather audit logs on shared news or updates and view counters on videos.

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How to Effectively Communicate with Your Employees During Crisis


Determine roles and rights

  • Assign different roles & permission rights to reflect your company’s organizational structure.
  • Decentralize content management and maintain overview throughout with local admins.

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Get the numbers that back you up

  • Track adoption and engagement on a company, location, or department level.
  • Identify what type of content performs best and how often employees read your messages.

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Top organizations across industries choose Speakap to transform how they communicate with their non-desk employees.

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We serve the most demanding consumers in the world, so education and training of our employees is key. We use Speakap to share principles, instructions, feedback learnings and standards of performance. It drives the team productivity and enhances the overall customer service.



Stephanie Nickens
Senior Shop Manager, Rituals US

Control and protect your data at every layer

At Speakap, privacy, data security, and compliance is of utmost importance to our platform and vision.

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Integrate Speakap with the tools you love

Our Partner API integrates with your existing or custom software packages. Connect to your CRM, HR and security software, productivity and survey solutions, employee scheduling tool, and every other system you’re using.

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