Speakap wins award ‘Best Retail Innovation 2017’

March 10, 2017

Speakap Retail Innovation AwardWe’re proud and grateful! Last night, Speakap has won the ABN Amro Award ‘Best Retail Innovation 2017’ in The Netherlands. Our internal social platform has been praised by Dutch retail professionals.

The Best Retail Innovation Award is part of the concept ‘ABN AMRO Retailer of the Year’ and is meant for the most innovative idea in the Dutch retail sector. Independent judges nominated three innovations by judging their innovative capacity and applicability. After pitches of three nominees, the audience selected Speakap as the winner. 3DAboutme and Count3r finished second and third.


This award is a beautiful recognition of our achievements in the retail market. Our goal is to make sure that retailers, and other non-desk sector players, have the best internal communications environment possible. So that everybody is engaged and collaborating optimally, from the management to the front-line employees. Resulting in organizations that deliver top-quality customer experiences.


We have over three hundred customers, that account for more than one hundred thousand users. Our customers include, among others, Rituals, Media Markt, Pathé, Kinepolis, Schiphol, NS and De Bijenkorf. We started in The Netherlands and have expanded to Germany, Spain and Belgium. We will soon enter more markets.

Highly engaged

On average, eighty percent of the staff members are actively using the platform within a month, said our co-founder Erwin van der Vlist during his pitch yesterday. “They log in three times a day.” He considers the award ‘Best Retail Innovation 2017’ as a great support for further international expansion. We all do!

What is Speakap?

Speakap is the developer of a social platform for internal communication. It offers employees the same experience as their personal social media. The platform ensures more engagement, internal knowledge sharing and consumption of company news. Organizations can brand the platform, by ordering a white-label version.

Speakap provides an integrated solution, that brings together information, knowledge sharing, files and employees. The addition of third-party apps like Sharepoint, Afas, Leaplines, Softbrick, SRXP and Dotweb creates a social environment in which employees can also use solutions such as ERP, expense reporting, e-learning and scheduling tools.

In short time, Speakap has welcomed wonderful customers such as Rituals, Media Markt, Selfridges, Bosch, Kinepolis and Schiphol Airport Retail.  Speakap is the winner of the ABN Amro Award ‘Best Retail Innovation 2017’.


Speakap’s mobile app and its push notifications answer an essential need in non-desk sectors such as the retail, hospitality and blue collar markets. Non-desk employees often do not possess a company email address and do not use a company computer. They are also (continuously) helping consumers in a face-to-face setting. Furthermore they often consist of hourly and parttime workers, which even more complicates the challenge to involve them in internal communications.

Within non-desk sectors the engagement driven by internal communication is very important for creating internal engagement, which organizations need to provide a high-level customer experience. Scientific research shows employees having face-to-face contact with customers, like cashiers, waitresses, stewards and child care workers, do not have enough opportunities to share their thoughts and emotions with colleagues. This has significant impact on employee turnover and the level of customer service.

Speakap also keys into the media consumption of the younger generations Y and Z, who are used to communicate via social media. On average, 80% of the members are actively using the platform within a month. They log in three times a day.