The Challenge:

Manage complex workforce from head office seamlessly

Phoenix provides medicines from manufacturing to pharmacies in 27 countries as one of the global health care providers. They have multilayers of teams and getting messages across all teams used to take weeks.

On top of that, setting up processes for various warehouses was a real challenge. There is no one size fits all solution for all cultures and work environments, but they had to standardize procedures to ensure the quality of output.


The Solution:

Structure centrally but manage locally

With over 60% of their workforce working in the frontline, Phoenix chose Speakap as a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use tool to distribute information globally. 

With Speakap they can share concrete plans, and watch how responses from the warehouse teams spark interesting discussions that ultimately help to improve standard processes.

"It’s a huge advantage to be able to reach specific employees in just one click. I never thought how challenging but necessary that is until we grew our supply chain to this complexity. “

Romina Adler, Digital Communications Manager - Phoenix

The Results:

Feedback is finally heard!

With the ease of communication, Phoenix sees valuable feedback more often funnel back to the right stakeholders. This helps to refine their quantitative results and improve business discussions in their supply chain.

“It was never possible before to communicate with every team so seamlessly. I am able to broadcast HQ standard operational procedures, and local teams can immediately act independently and provide feedback to improve as a whole.”

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