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The easy-to-use intranet solution to end all information overload – integrated with your favorite tools.

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Your modern intranet

Unite your organization and make your employees’ lives a lot easier

Easily set up your intranet software

A tool that automatically mirrors your company’s organizational structure. By connecting to your HR system, all your employees will be on the platform, in no time. Watch as your workforce instantly activate their accounts and hop on board.


It’s mobile-first

Your company’s dedicated social intranet software that cancels out all those personal distractions; think WhatsApp and Facebook, but without all that extra noise. No email address needed, just the mobile device your employees already own.


Everything in one place – your intranet solution

With a single sign-on, you can access all your favorite scheduling, payroll and productivity tools. Build your very own intranet ecosystem that mirrors your company’s structure and includes the tools you already use.


"We use a lot of applications in our organization. We wanted to offer a seamless user experience, and Speakap was chosen as our single point of entry to access applications such as our CRM, ERP, time and attendance, and e-learning tools."

Marjolein Van Daele, Internal Communications Manager - Red Cross Vlaanderen


What we don't make, we integrate

We build features that our customers and their employees need, such as our task management tool. But, we recognize that every company uses different tools to get the job done. That’s why Speakap is customizable – one intranet solution integrated with all the tools your employees already use.