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Internal communication: a lifeline between non-desk work and customer experience

A smile, a sympathetic ear, patience, politeness, finding the best product, in-depth questions… these are typical qualities of good employees in the retail and hospitality industries. All those qualities are getting more and more significant due to the increasing importance of customer experiences. In fact, research center Forrester, as well as others, has named 2017 the year of the customer experience. The entire customer journey needs to be easy, effective and enjoyable. From the online or offline orientation, to the actual consumption experience.

Generation Z and the future of internal communication

Talented members of generation Z, born between 1990-2000, are slowly but surely entering the workplace. They clearly have their own opinions, expect a lot from their employers and don’t need to be told about social media and smartphones. Welcome to the new era of internal communication!

Internal communication – a strategic perspective

Over the past few decades, the way in which C-suite managers have utilised internal communication has changed dramatically. Whereas boards previously only considered internal communication from a tactical standpoint, now it has become a priority. This whitepaper demonstrates how internal communication contributes to change management and internal marketing, and how social media have recently evolved to play a key supporting role.

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