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Award-Winning Tool for Internal Communications

The two-way communications platform employees love to use

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Modern & Real-time Mobile-first internal communication platform

Get a branded communications platform your employees love to use

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Cut the Noise

Let your employees access the most relevant information by mirroring your organizational chat. Other internal communication tools just aren't targeted enough.


No Corporate Email Needed

Your frontline employees can stay connected, engaged and informed via Speakap. There's no need to set them up with company emails.


Access Your Own Branded Internal Communications App

White label and customize your internal communications app to match your brand’s look & feel.


Secure Your Data

All messaging is private and your sensitive data is protected in compliance with EU GDPR.


Increase engagement

Deskless employees can get to the information they need instantly. Access specific, relevant information right away and increase your organization's productivity.


The Best Communications Platform for Internal Comms

Get a Branded Internal Communications Platform Your Employees Will Love To Use

  • Targeted & Relevant

    Cut through the noise and share the most relevant information, news and learnings with your frontline. Drive relevance through a unique group structure that matches your organizational matrix.

  • Reach Your Mobile Workforce

    Adopt a modern and real-time mobile-first communication platform that employees genuinely like using. On average, 90% of Speakap sessions are mobile, making it the perfect tool to reach and engage all employees. 

  • Two-Way Communication

    Create a real-time flow of information between various departments & regions. Increase the product & service knowledge of employees.

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Meet the growing internal communications challenges inside your organization and improve employee satisfaction. Reach, engage and empower all employees to communicate - from the CEO to part-time sales and service assistants.

  • Key to stay engaged, always

    Use push notifications to inform employees of important updates, news or events... no matter where they are. Keep your entire workforce up-to-date, always.

  • Dedicated to your success

    Integrate your existing tools easily through our advanced, open API. Plus, automatically activate and/or remove employees when they are hired or leave the company.


80% adoption within first month


90% of all logins are via mobile devices


21% increase in the spread of company news


10% increase in communication of processes

Dedicated to your Success

Unlike other internal communication solutions, we are dedicated to providing the best customer support and will do whatever it takes to help you get the most out of Speakap. Rest assured, we're here to answer any of your questions and solve any problems that you may encounter.