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Mastering Audience Segmentation for Maximum Impact

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Effective audience segmentation in internal communications is crucial for reaching the right people with the right information. By understanding your internal audience better, you can tailor your content to match their needs and establish yourself as a trusted advisor and audience expert within your company, particularly among senior leaders.

4 Tips for Solo Internal Communicators to Supercharge Their Efficiency

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Liaising between different departments, senior management, and employees while ensuring smooth communication organization-wide can get overwhelming if you’re a solo internal communicator. Unfortunately, as it turns out, this situation is quite common in today’s corporate world.

Navigating Internal Communications Compliance in the Age of Employee Apps

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In today's ever-changing business world, employee apps have become all the rage, promising to revolutionize how companies communicate internally and manage their workforce.

An HR Director’s Insight: Your Frontline Needs an Employee App

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We caught up with Tara McKinney, Human Resources Director at Clarkson Construction Company, who has implemented the Speakap platform in three separate manufacturing and construction companies in the United States. The purpose? To engage employees, connect frontline employees with the head office and to generally increase reach and accessibility to company news and information. Here’s what she had to say about employee engagement and frontline communication.