Reach your crew in no time

Connect with your restaurant crew, share relevant messages with high priority content, and facilitate a dialogue that drives the business forward.

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Success is on the menu


Starters: Staff Collaboration

Everything runs smoothly when you make it easy for your staff to collaborate. Your employees can send messages, share updates, and ask for feedback with a few taps.



Main course: Communication

For a successful business, communication should be served all day, every day. Things like menu changes, supplies, and shift changes can be easily tackled with Groups and Private Chats.



Side dish: Proper Training

Prepare your staff to face anything. Share tips and instructions with the newest members to ensure the best customer experience.

Increase in the spread of company news


Increase in knowledge of offers/promotions


Of all logins are via mobile devices

Crunch the numbers

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We are a fun company, and fun is one of our core values. When our employees show that on Speakap, the personality of the brand really comes through. It’s been amazing to see the passion on Speakap. Passion for showcasing salads, cakes, coffees and sharing recipes and ingredients.

Zoe Watts, Commercial Director - Vacherin

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