Communicate effectively with all your employees

Improving communication in Facility Management has a knock-on effect on improving job efficiency, knowledge, and time management.

Facility clients



Your employees are your business card - take good care of them


Get information across clearly.

Use Private and Group-Chats, relevant Timelines and News-Updates to make sure information gets through on time. Push Notifications make sure nothing is missed and Images, GIFs and Video Content helps more visual people to get the message too.


Your reputation is only as good as your people - make them smile

Speakap is an easy-to-use and interactive platform that your employees will love. Encourage them to share best practices, post Updates and use Events to get to know each other better.


A one-stop-shop for all employee matters

Speakap’s open API allows for the integration of all the software you already use. Create a single-sign-on platform for more efficiency in employee communication.
Integration tools

Log-ins via mobile


Higher cut through of company news and updates


Increase in awareness of new work and safety instructions

Crunch the numbers

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Many of our employees are on the move. At best, they visit the branch once a day and spend the rest of the time on the go and in direct contact with clients. With MyWISAG, we canfinally reach these colleagues and create an emotional bond with WISAG.

Ralf Hempel, Managing director - WISAG Facility Management GmbH

Clean, clear internal communication

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