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Build solid internal communication

Communicate quickly and effectively with all your employees.

Construction Clients



A foundation that lasts


Create seamless communication between all employees

A mobile employee app allows on-site employees, managers and office employees to connect in real-time, give continuous feedback and provides everyone with the information and training they need - in the language they know.



Build a trusting environment.

When unfamiliar people collaborate it is essential to have a mutual tool they know and trust. Reduce the disconnect by sharing company values and mission on a common platform and encouraging open and honest communication.


Workplace safety in and out.

Share important health and safety information on a regular basis, make reading it obligatory and use push notifications to make sure everyone is notified on time. Speakap is GDPR and FLSA compliant, ensuring the best possible experience for your construction company.

Log-ins via mobile


Higher cut through of company news and updates


Increase in awareness of new work and safety instructions

Crunch the numbers

ROI Calculator

Constructing the right internal communication

Talk to one of our communication experts and find out what you can build together.