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Engage in good company

More than 350 companies around the world use Speakap to communicate, empower and manage their workforces. Take a look at what they have to say.

Connecting teams across New York

When I was introduced to Speakap, it made so much sense to me. It allows us to communicate with our team and segment different groups and locations of our organization, and lets us communicate efficiently in a very organized pattern.

Julie Dugas, Director of Operations - Billy’s Bakery

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To me, Speakap excels in how accessible it is. If you know how to use Facebook, which almost everyone does, you can use Speakap. It's this accessibility which makes it fun for me and my team to actively use and engage with the platform and with colleagues throughout our locations

Hans van der Ploeg, Team Leader Sales Support - Van Geloven

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Speakap is the perfect tool to support our employees to stay up-to-date about every single new product.

Eduard van Santen, Country Director Nordics - Rituals

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Especially in a company with over 400 employees, and more than 20 departments, an app like Speakap is the perfect outcome... Speakap really keeps you connected.

Tim Floor, Marketing & Communications - Hotel Okura Amsterdam

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If we want to send out a message - any type, anywhere, any time - we'll use Speakap. We also get a lot of feedback, questions and information from the store floor. It gives me an instant view of what's happening around the country.

Olof Kuipers, Director Human Resources - Hudson's Bay

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Many of our employees are on the move. At best, they visit the branch once a day and spend the rest of the time on the go and in direct contact with clients. With MyWISAG, we canfinally reach these colleagues and create an emotional bond with WISAG.

Ralf Hempel, Managing director - WISAG Facility Management GmbH

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What won us over was that Speakap provides a platform, an application that allows us to work with different sites located in different geographical locations, but within Speakap it feels like we are all very close. Being able to unite people who are physically very separate or even have very different roles to carry out within the same virtual environment has been super powerful

Ester Benach, Head of Internal Communications and CSR - Grupo Claror

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We are a fun company, and fun is one of our core values. When our employees show that on Speakap, the personality of the brand really comes through. It’s been amazing to see the passion on Speakap. Passion for showcasing salads, cakes, coffees and sharing recipes and ingredients.

Zoe Watts, Commercial Director - Vacherin

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Speakap helps to quickly spread red- hot news and fits right in the digital world of our users with its modern look & feel. I have often posted updates in the evenings, in an office I wouldn’t have reached anyone anymore, but with the Speakap app I can.

Christian Diel, Department manager Marketing/Sales - R+V BKK

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Customer Reviews

Invaluable team communication resource for anything imaginable!

It's challenging picking only one feature I like best because there are so many but one of my major problems was making sure each member of my staff is promptly and thoroughly informed on issues that surface and keeping track of who has been informed or not. With the News feature, I can post a tailored message to the team who then gets a push notification alert and it allows me to keep track and see who has read the message.

Marie B.

A total game changer for your organization

Speakap is extraordinarily powerful. From messaging and news items to private groups and events, every organization would be well-served by having their team on Speakap. Tools like Slack, WhatsApp and others pale in comparison with regards to functionality and the sheer depth of Speakap's capabilities. Furthermore, Speakap is run by an impressive team that works tirelessly to improve the platform every single day. I am constantly impressed by the new features that are rolled out each week.

Jacob Sky L.

Great online communication platform

Easy implementation: recognizable interface Speakap has a very professional team to help throughout the whole proces The plaform works fast App works very good: intuitive and easy

Helena B.