Speakap for Crisis Communications

When crisis hits, your workforce needs a single source of truth. You.

Get ahead of crisis with real-time, targeted internal comms, and make sure everyone is instantly informed about new rules and latest updates.

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Looking to build trust in times of uncertainty?

The pandemic has left companies reeling. And it’s only natural for employees to crave meaningful and authentic communication from leadership and colleagues. Your team expects faster, more effective internal comms, and the right information will make them feel safe, even during uncertain times.

Discover how Speakap empowers comms leaders to:


Connect with employees in live time


Build trust through just one channel


Prove the impact of internal comms

Share real-time updates from the HQ

  • Decision-makers and managers can make the biggest impact when they have the right means to communicate.
  • Keep your workforce informed with live news and video messages.

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Take full control over your comms

  • Determine which messages reach different departments and teams.
  • Keep employees consistently informed when they need it the most.


Make sure no one is left out

  • Customize the content delivery experience with more inclusive communication; even reach employees who work at the front-lines of your business.
  • Employees receive relevant messages, instantly translated into 100+ languages, no matter where they are.

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Keep track of how employees engage with your content

Are you in the dark when it comes to knowing who actually reads your internal communications? It’s a huge problem, especially when the information you are delivering is so timely and important. With read confirmations, you’ll know exactly who read your message.

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Don’t Lose Time. Start Now.

No matter what field your company is in, everyone is being impacted by this crisis. Your employees rely on you for their livelihood and the latest information as it pertains to their job. Be one of their heroes. The time is now.

Here’s how to get started with Speakap:

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Our team of experts will help get all admins trained and onboarded


You’re all set! No end-user training required

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Top organizations across industries choose Speakap to transform how they communicate with their non-desk employees.

+ 500


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+ 500.000

Daily users


We serve the most demanding consumers in the world, so education and training of our employees is key. We use Speakap to share principles, instructions, feedback learnings and standards of performance. It drives the team productivity and enhances the overall customer service.



Stephanie Nickens
Senior Shop Manager, Rituals US

Control and protect your data at every layer

At Speakap, privacy, data security, and compliance is of utmost importance to our platform and vision.

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Integrate Speakap with the tools you love

Our Partner API integrates with your existing or custom software packages. Connect to your CRM, HR and security software, productivity and survey solutions, employee scheduling tool, and every other system you’re using.

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