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[Video] 4 Internal Comms Tips From Hudson's Bay

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You learn a thing or two about people management when you're in business for 348 years. A good thing too, because when global department store chain Hudson's Bay decided to expand into the Netherlands in 2017, the development essentially involved them simultaneously opening 10 large stores across the country.

That feat saw them needing to onboard thousands of employees at once, and give them all the information they needed to hit the ground running when the doors opened on their stores for the first time. But they also needed to convey the values that Hudson's Bay holds precious for delivering the exceptional customer experience that the Canadian brand has become renowned for.

Lessons from the best in the retail business

Fortunately, with the help of some exceptional tooling that linked all employees from even before they started working in-store, Hudson's Bay could dig deep into three and a half centuries of experience to carry out a successful launch across the Netherlands.

Here, the employees and managers at Hudson's Bay share their top four tips for internal comms success in retail.

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