Why You Should Use an Employee App to Cut Company Costs

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You’re spending way too much time trying to reach your frontline workers through a ton of channels and it’s driving you mad. In fact, you’re having trouble actually streamlining your internal communications to make sure that your frontline staff actually get the news update from management or HR. 

Here’s why an employee app is exactly what you need to connect with your employees. You’ve stumbled on the right page thank you universe.

Frontline worker in factory uses employee app to connect and engage with coworkers


Reach Your Frontline Workers With One Employee App

Reaching your frontline staff is not as simple as it sounds especially when they’re spread out across the factory, or on the go. And you know how tough it is to reach out when there’s urgent news to share we’ve all been there. You know as well as we do that time is money. Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if you had one employee app to connect all your frontline workers, in real-time?

Speakap Tip: Invest in an employee app as your main channel for sharing news, sending updates, and making sure that every frontline worker receives the message. Yes, we’re also talking about an ‘acknowledge’ button. Psst...that’s the Speakap solution. Get your free demo here.


Measure Employee Engagement Efficiently

When your frontline workers aren’t motivated, they leave which costs you in the long run. But how do you even begin to measure employee engagement levels when you have no way of reaching them to begin with? Now imagine this: One employee app to start and end a frontline worker’s day. You can reach them more easily, but you can also measure their interaction and motivation. We’re talking about back-end metrics at your fingertips. It’s as easy as exporting one report with all your employee engagement data. 

Speakap Tip: Reach out so we can set up your (company branded) employee app that’ll skyrocket engagement, increase retention, and basically cut costs long-term. We’ll even show you how our built-in analytics feature, Compass, can give you actual data that can help with your HR strategy. Get your free demo here.

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