Three Tips to Motivate Frontline Staff

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When your frontline staff isn’t motivated, your customers may come face to face with a frustrated frontline employee — and that’s a recipe for disaster. In fact, a colossal 85% of the workforce worldwide dislike their jobs or feel disengaged from their companies. And we all know someone who feels the weight of their job squashing their sense of self. 

If you’re an HR or Internal Communications professional looking to motivate your frontline staff to increase engagement, you’ve come to the right place.

Frontline staff and factory workers meet for feedback with HR managers to increase employee engagement

Get Feedback from Frontline Staff 

Frontline workers could surprise you with their valuable insight on consumer preferences, customer experience, and possible ideas to share with the team. So listen to them. Recognition is key, and it starts with feedback that’ll let them grow within the company and give them a sense of purpose — because isn’t that what we’re all searching for? 

Speakap Tip: Ask for feedback often — once a week or every other week perhaps. Next: take your frontline staff’s feedback into account and act on it. You can’t make everyone happy, but you should at least show them that you’re listening.


Build Company Culture for Frontline Staff

It’s easy for frontline staff to feel disconnected from headquarters — which lowers morale, confidence levels and general contribution to the team. And that’s where company culture comes into play. Get creative and motivate your frontline staff with company drinks, or a friendly competition for instance. And here’s another thought: create an activity that’ll contribute to your next company growth project, while giving your frontline staff the chance to think out of the box. 

Speakap Tip: Create solid company values and communicate them internally. Next: gather individuals from different departments who show interest in employee engagement, and work on a plan together. Stay active and consistently plan for your next company culture event.


Use One Employee App 

There are so many tools out there with the intention of increasing employee engagement and connecting  frontline staff. Sounds like a dream, but it can quickly turn into a drag when you’re constantly requesting your employees to sign in to different apps. Now imagine this: one employee app that keeps your frontline staff connected and engaged. Too good to be true? Well, it’s the Speakap reality. At Speakap, we’ve created an employee app to make sure that you engage with your frontline staff and that they engage with you in return, in real-time

Speakap Tip: Reach out to see how your company fits within the Speakap solution. Share your Internal Communication needs and we’ll show you how our employee app can motivate your frontline staff, with your very own branding. Get your free demo here.


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