Three Ways to Create ACTUAL Employee Engagement

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Disengaged frontline workers are a big loss for company culture. So what can you do to avoid that? Start engaging with your frontline staff from day one, because first impressions are important, and created super early (it’s a cliché for a reason).

Here are some best practices you can use to get your employee engagement soaringBut hey, we’re just here to give you tips — it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Employee engagement between manager and frontline worker in factory

Employee Engagement Starts at Onboarding

First impressions are everything to your frontline workers, so take action as soon as they put a foot through the company door (or enter their first virtual meeting, same same). 

  • Set an onboarding plan that includes sessions and resources relevant for everyone. Cover company values, company goals, and other key facts that’ll put everyone on the same page
  • Now repeat but make it team-specific. Make sure that managers not just HR admins are doing their part
  • Share an organization chart that is accessible and clear 
  • Introduce new frontline workers to their team members

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Motivate Frontline Staff With Evolution Goals

We all want to evolve into more confident employees. So take the time to listen to what your frontline workers want to achieve, and see how that links back to company goals. Hint: personal growth and company growth are more tied together than you think.  

  • Check in every 6 months with your frontline staff, and ask them what they want to achieve. This can vary from new skills to new responsibilities
  • Set those goals together with your frontline employees
  • Follow-up and motivate your employees every couple of months

How do you track those evolution goals and increase employee engagement? Speakap has you covered. Get a free demo here, and we’ll explain how.


Build Manager-Employee Engagement

Who actually drives employee engagement? Research shows that a manager-employee relationship really impacts employee satisfaction. If there’s friction or lack of transparency, that just makes it more difficult for frontline staff to stay motivated. They’re more likely to stay if they have a good bond with their manager just a kind reminder. 

  • Schedule weekly or biweekly meetings between managers and their frontline employees. Label it as a safe space for them to discuss any blockers
  • Give your frontline staff recognition. You might even want to embrace public praise in the workplace
  • Celebrate your employees’ personal achievements because they’re just as important

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