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Speakap introduces video: 5 reasons why companies should use it

3 minute read

We have released a major new update: the possibility to add and watch video.

From our customers, there was quite some demand for this new functionality. As video was already on our roadmap, we understand very well why video is so valuable for organizations’ internal communications strategies. We distinguish five important reasons.

1. Video is more appealing

Everyone knows the phrase ‘one image tells us more than 1000 words’. Despite all the efforts made to write articles and spread them with newsletters, video just captures people’s attention more easily.

There’s no doubt written content is useful in many ways. It provides the possibility to quickly scan parts of information and get an understanding of a more complex message. But in general, people are triggered faster by video messages.

2. Getting a picture of your leaders

When you are working at a company with many locations, departments and/or divisions, it is completely normal you don’t know much about the top management: what they look like, what kind of personality they have and how inspiring and convincing their leadership style is. Written messages do not provide these insights.

In a video, they become a real person. They become someone you can relate to. And they can actually inspire you.

3. My colleagues from….

Whether your organization exists of many silos or many (inter)national locations, it’s hard for employees to follow the activities of departments and colleagues outside their working areas. That’s a problem, because being able to engage with the rest of the company is important to create a sense of togetherness and consciousness about the scope and various activities of the company. This consciousness can also boost the pride of employees, as it makes them more aware of the complexity and various activities of the organization.

As employees are focussed on their jobs and everything related, it’s hard to trigger them to capture information that does not belong to their day-to-day business. Video is the best channel to get their attention. And it’s also a great channel to celebrate achievements across the company, such as the launch of a new store or product.

4. Video boosts engagement

If you want people to talk about a piece of information, whether in the halls or within chat rooms, content with rich visualization is your best option. You can enrich content with interesting infographics and beautiful images. These are great options when your message is complex. But from personal experience, we all know that employees tend to talk more about a TV program or show then about articles.

5. Mobile is more suited for videos

Consuming information on mobile devices is a different experience than consuming information within a desktop environment. We tend to favour shorter texts and do not spend too much time on one piece of information. Also most interactions, except of our telephone conversations, take tens of seconds or just one or two minutes. You type in a short message in one of your messenger apps, you leave the conversation, and seconds or minutes later, you quickly participate again.

If you still want to capture the full attention of frontline employees, working outside or talking face-to-face with customers, then video does the job at a mobile device.

Bas was Speakap's first marketing manager. He enjoyed gaining a lot of scientific insights about the value and impact of internal communications.

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