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Meet The Team #14: Illona

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I'd like to start off by asking you how you're doing?

I'm doing good. I'm actually doing things I want to do. Building a website which means seeing the progress in real time as well as helping the digital marketing team do some growth hacking. It's pretty fun and interesting!

What is your role here at Speakap?

I'm the web developer in the marketing team, which means that I am basically in charge of the website. I deal with everything that's not content related but connected to development on Speakap.com.

Could you elaborate a little more on what a web developer is in charge of?

It's quite a lot, but to briefly explain in principle there are frontend and backend developers for the website. Usually, when you are called a web developer oftentimes you are a frontend developer. You develop the browser which the website will show and the user will see. Essentially, I write codes in order to design the website and tailor the content while making things functional. 

Illona Fedora 2

Illona:  Dancer, avid traveller and web developer 

Can you tell me about some of your interests and hobbies?

I grew up with dance, but since I moved here I haven't been able to find a place to dance like I did back home. I was part of a hip - hop crew. Now I just stick to dancing in the club. Lately, I've started bouldering. In addition to that, I have a strong passion for traveling. I've seen almost half of Europe and plan on seeing the rest very soon.  

Do you think you'll get back into dancing again?

I'm trying to. Probably hip- hop but definitely not ballet since I'm forgetting everything I have learned. I'm also thinking of trying salsa. I think it will be interesting. So, if anyone wants to join me for Salsa during the summer, you know where to find me. 

What do you like about working at Speakap so far?

At Speakap, everybody is responsible for their own thing. Although we have hierarchy here, everybody including the interns have a good set of responsibilities. It's a people-oriented company. They want to develop people not just focus on work. Speakap believes developing people will positively benefit the company and it's exactly what I'm looking for from a company. 

If you didn’t live in the Netherlands, where do you think you’d be living right now?

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to live in Singapore. Hong Kong would also be an option.

Since you love to travel, is there any specific place you would love to visit in the near future?

In America, I want to go to Hawaii. In Africa, I would love to see Mozambique. In Europe, I want to visit Lichtenstein (which I’m going to in a few weeks). In Asia, I want to go back to Thailand. And in Australia, I want to go to Melbourne.

Super Leuk! (Super fun!) I hope you get to visit all these places really soon and get back into dancing. And last but not least... have a wonderful time at Speakap! 


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Samira is our Marketing Intern, here to help the the team spread the Speakap story! Her skills include creating social media content and optimizing copy and landing pages. More importantly, her skills DON'T include grabbing coffees for the team.

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