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The American Frontier: Speakap Expands Westward

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I can’t believe Speakap is seven years old! Patrick and I started the company to solve a real problem we encountered as store leaders, during college. How to communicate with the store staff, reach all of them in a timely manner, and hear their feedback, when all we had was a bulletin board and some pigeon holes? Building the right platform to connect the head office, the store leaders, and the staff seemed like a no brainer. Better yet, a platform that could have been launched from any employee’s cell phone. The solution was nowhere to be found and so we began building it, to once and for all end the real struggle we faced.

We are just getting started

While we’ve made tremendous progress and built a great platform and team at Speakap, we’re just getting started. In 2017, we grew by more than 100% for the third year in a row. That’s both, in the size of our team, and in revenue. At the beginning of this year, we attracted yet another significant investment and expanded our operations outside of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, to Spain and the UK, facilitating users in over 30 countries. We also integrate with over 100 tools, such as Workday, Oracle, Sharepoint, SAP, and Salesforce. I’m humbled by the fact that more than 350 companies use Speakap today, including IKEA, McDonald’s, G-Star RAW, Kimpton Hotels and Hudson's Bay. These customer stories make me the proudest of what we’ve accomplished.

I want to be a part of it.  New York! New York!

As I look to the future and continued expansion, I am excited to share that we have launched our US office in New York and have hired Ivan Silvagni to lead Speakap’s next phase of growth in the region. The high number of inquiries coming from the US we’ve seen, proves that our initial struggle is still very much alive. Companies have an even stronger need to communicate more effectively with their desk-less employees globally, especially as interconnectivity becomes the fact of everyday life. The need for a tool that can be custom tailored and offers less noise, smarter sharing, simplicity and scalability, appears to be universal across continents. A local, US presence seems like a natural next step for Speakap and Ivan’s SaaS experience and proven track record make him our ideal candidate to help us lead this effort.   

Speakap expands to the USThe Speakap New York Team celebrating the launch of the US office

This is an energizing and exciting time for all of us at Speakap.

I look forward to helping our US customers locally as we execute on our vision to enable organizations to reach and engage with their frontline employees to deliver great customer experiences and drive business value.

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Erwin is the founder of Speakap, helping organizations improve their front-line employee engagement.

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