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Speakap sounds gong of Amsterdam exchange Euronext

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Great experience! As our  social platform for businesses has recently won the ABN Amro award ‘Best Retail Innovation of 2017, we were invited to sound the gong at Amsterdam exchange Euronext. 

The Best Retail Innovation Award is part of the concept ‘ABN AMRO Retailer of the Year’. It's meant for the most innovative idea in the Dutch retail sector. Independent judges nominated three innovations by judging their innovative capacity and applicability. After pitches of three nominees, the audience selected Speakap as the winner. We were of course very honored and consider the award as a great support for further international expansion.

Speakap sounding the gong

And look at the impact of winning it. Next to quite some news coverage about Speakap, the experience of attending the Amsterdam exchange Euronext is also quite a happening. Getting involved in this special ritual of sounding the exchange gong can be considered as a sign. Maybe this will be our future second home, who will say?

Bas was Speakap's first marketing manager. He enjoyed gaining a lot of scientific insights about the value and impact of internal communications.

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