Social support hotel employee mitigates effect job insecurity

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The support of the supervisor is very important to limit the negative effect of job insecurity on job performance. This is recently confirmed by scientific research published by the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. The research was conducted amongst 288 frontline employees working for four and five star restaurants in Cyprus.

The hospitality industry is a very challenging environment. Competition is based on location, pricing, food and drinks, the design of the accommodation, but certainly also quality of service. Much depends on the work of frontline employees, which is supported or affected by psychological influences.

One of the psychological strains affecting the working of frontline employees, such as waiters or concierges, is job insecurity. The researchers proved that when job insecurity increases, frontline employees deliver poorer job performances.

But this effect can be mitigated by providing more supervisor support. When there’s more guidance of managers, frontline employees are better able to stay focussed, customer friendly and act fast. Also the ability to engage within the company is a factor, because it can improve the intrinsic motivation of employees.

Recommendations of the researchers:

  • More interaction between supervisor and frontline employees
  • Buddy- buddy approach in mentoring by well-selected senior employees to help new employees socialize, improve their performance via social support, and retain in the end.
  • Hotel managers need to establish and communicate transparent human resource policies including, win-win based employee contracts, fair selection, placement, appraisal, compensation, reward and similar HR systems within hotels.
  • Empowering and developing relations skills between supervisors and employees by providing continued training programs are vital for minimizing organizational stress and anxiety from job insecurity.
  • Keeping in mind high employee turnover rates in the industry and its considerable costs, especially intrinsically motivated employees willing to work long hours should be selected in those organizations.

Bas was Speakap's first marketing manager. He enjoyed gaining a lot of scientific insights about the value and impact of internal communications.

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