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How to Bring Your News Items to Life with Video for Better Engagement. Starting Today!

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You have a brand video you want to share among your colleagues. A video message from your CEO wishing her employees happy holidays awaits posting. All your colleagues are anticipating a new, incredible commercial for your brand. You want everybody in your organization to see the movie you worked hard on, capturing a great team event.  

Video is one of the most powerful ways of reaching your employees. You and many other employees have been using it extensively and creatively on your Speakap timeline. But timeline updates don’t trigger push notifications to all in your network, and you want to make sure everybody in your organization knows about your video the second you share it.

Now, you can upload your videos to News Items in Speakap. Doing so gives your video content a boost in terms of importance hierarchy, because of the push notifications and the badge counter that are featured to your audience and simply cannot be missed. With that, your news can become even more impactful.

Video in news composer


“It’s a small enhancement with a great impact for our customers,” says Tom Kleijn, product manager at Speakap. And if we can leave you with one tip? “Keep your videos as short as you can. The vast majority of your employees are likely viewing your video content on their phone and they are more likely to watch a 15 second teaser video rather than a 30 minute one.  Keep them short and be creative!” adds Kleijn.

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