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Episode 5 - HR News Round Up

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Frontline by Speakap is a community for progressive HR leaders to share (and learn) ideas and strategies for creating a thriving workplace, to therefore help all employees reach their full potential.

This is the fifth episode of our podcast series, which will feature a range of experts and industry leaders to discuss topics related to their individual expertise. In this podcast we chat about all things HR and internal comms, relating to HR news in March 2019.

About Ania & Matt

Ania Osinska-Bulloff has worked with some of the most outstanding HR and Internal Comms professionals in SaaS companies both in North America and Europe. She currently runs Product and Customer Marketing at Speakap and comes from the Employment Brand world, that beautifully marries HR needs with Marketing tactics.

 Matt Warnock is Head of Content here at Speakap. Originally hailing from the UK, he spent the best part of a decade globetrotting in journalism and publishing roles, before becoming captivated by content marketing. He worked everywhere from Fortune 500 tech companies to fashion brands, before landing at Speakap.

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March HR News Round Up

 In this episode we chat about;

  • Human Resources 2.0 - The future of HR
  • The role of automation in HR
  • How women are pushing themselves harder at work to get ahead of men but aren’t getting noticed for their efforts
  • Employees feel enabled to share their concerns on workplace issues which is affecting their well being and job satisfaction
  • Productivity tips
  • Impact of edible perks in the office

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