People Analytics: What Actually Works?

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​If internal communications is your thing, then you know exactly how important it is to have a functional communication system in place for your company. For you, it’s pretty clear that employee engagement comes with great performance which helps you reach those business targets.

But how do you convince upper management when you’re missing proof? How do you get the green light — and the budget — to rebuild and modernize the company's internal communication channels? 

You'll need more than a vision. You’ll need hard data.

And here's where we see a huge difference between dealing with internal and external communications. It’s standard practice to measure metrics in external communications, but less than 50% of internal communication professionals actually measure their success (Epicom 2020 Study for European Internal Communicators). When there’s so much work done and so little to prove it - something’s obviously wrong...

Blog article image 12Why is it so challenging to measure employee engagement? 

  • People analytics spread widely across departments, channels, and platforms.
  • Business owners and CEOs don’t always see internal communications as a strategic priority worth investing in.
  • KPIs for internal communications are not in line with company goals, so what exactly are you supposed to measure?
  • Misconceptions about internal communications make it hard to understand what it all really means.

Six steps to tip-top internal communications 

  1. Review your HR dashboards (if any) 

Many companies already have internal communications systems in motion, but their methods are outdated and naturally ineffective. To perfect your internal communications, first, check to see how you’re doing right now. Create a report or simply write down what you're measuring at the moment, what the results are so far, and set a baseline that will serve as your reference point.​

  1. Define your goals

What is the big business goal, and how does your workforce affect it? Which communication channels give you the best possibilities to measure employee engagement? Set up a strategic plan that caters best to your workforce. For example, approach deskless workers in their own space, at their own time since most of them only use smartphones, tablets, or just casting screens. It’s also important to learn what type of communications your workforce is comfortable with: top-down, bottom-up, or a combination of both. 

  1. Collect feedback

Implementing internal communications methods in your workforce is one thing, but making sure they are actually sufficient and functional is another ball game. How can you know if your employees are happy at work? What do they think about the company culture? To find out, just ask for their opinion directly. Online surveys and polls will help you determine whether employees are satisfied or not and how connected they feel to the company.​

  1. Expand reach

One of the biggest challenges in internal communications is reaching your dispersed workforce, especially in organizations with many departments and thousands of employees. And it’s more essential than ever during a pandemic.  For example, how many of your non-desk employees are instantly aware of the latest changes in policies, shifts, inventories, etc.? More importantly, how do you reach your dispersed workforce in case of emergencies? If the answer doesn’t come to mind immediately, chances are your reach is weak.​

  1. Don't neglect engagement

How inspired is your workforce, and how can you measure engagement? Mobile-first employee apps usually offer insights into employee engagement by helping you track and measure how users interact with the app, how often they share content or read important news updates. It’s way more practical to gather all data in one place anyway. ​

  1. Switch to a more practical HR dashboard 

As a final step, decide on the channels that allow you to keep track of all important metrics. Wouldn't it be great if there was one tool that gave you everything you need? Many internal communication professionals have asked themselves this question, and most of them have opted for an employee communication app as a stand-alone solution. A good employee app can give you powerful options to measure and analyze the impact of your communication efforts. Best part? You're always sure that that right message reaches the right employees at the right time. 

We’ll leave you with one thought

Most companies claim to prioritize their internal communications department when in reality, it’s often overlooked with no routine checking or tracking of their strategies' performance. This leads to decreased employee engagement, productivity, motivation, cross-departmental collaboration, and stagnant business. Measuring your internal communications gives you the power to spot what works best for your employees, what doesn't hit the mark, and use this information to build up methods and strategies. 

Don’t underestimate the impact of your internal communications.  Quantify your system today to make sure that you’re implementing only the best and most constructive policies.

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